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重庆时时彩贴吧名字Iran locates wreckage of crashed plane

Iran has located the wreckage of a passenger plane that crashed into western mountains on Sunday, official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday.

重庆时时彩贴吧名字India, Pakistan troops exchange fire on Kashmir LoC

Troops of India and Pakistan on Tuesday exchanged heavy fire and targeted each other's positions on Line of Control (LoC) dividing Kashmir, officials said.

重庆时时彩贴吧名字China sends experts to repair terracotta warrior in US

The cultural relics authority of northwest China's Shaanxi Province will send two experts to repair a terracotta warrior statue whose thumb was stolen by a member of the public while on display at a Philadelphia museum last year.

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重庆时时彩贴吧名字A tale of two parades

President Donald Trump is determined to have a big military parade in Washington to trumpet his "American First" policy - but what message will it send to the world?


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