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China releases white paper on facts and its position on trade friction with US

China published a white paper on Monday to clarify the facts about China-U.S. economic and trade relations, demonstrate its stance on trade friction with the United States, and pursue reasonable solutions.

China, Britain agree to defend int'l system, multilateralism

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his British counterpart Jeremy Hunt on Monday vowed to defend the current international system and multilateralism amid a slew of challenges.

China strongly condemns Swedish Television SVT for insulting China

?China strongly condemned and has lodged stern representation to the Swedish Television SVT for insulting China in its news program, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Monday.

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Building a community of shared future for humanity

Elimination of poverty has been a big focus of China's drive for modernization. However, this is a global problem and a recent forum in Beijing shows how countries can learn from each other in this regard.


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New play brings Shi Tiesheng novella to life

Directed by Polish theater director Krystian Lupa, the play Mo Fei, featuring Chinese actor Wang Xuebing as the lead character, will make its debut in Beijing on Oct. 17.

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